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Mr Sanjeev Kumar Mehta , Chairman
Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Mehta is a Director of Indus Colonisers (P) Ltd. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in civil Engineering from V.N.I.T Nagpur. Mr. Mehta has over 25 years experience in construction field, started his career in 1987 from oriental structural engineers ltd. In 1991, he started his own construction company Indus Construction services (P) ltd at Agra, under his guidance & leadership the company completed many prestigious projects in Agra & Bhopal. In 1999, he founded Indus Colonisers Pvt. Ltd. being a Colonisers our duty is to put the concrete structures, to those who really need shelter of his/her dreams to flourish their life in place of not to earn money & keep graph of balance sheet I "N" Number of figures. Our real motto is to keep such a strong
foundation on the basis of faith and commitments. Our main intension is to keep relation with customers/ buyers in a very positive manner in place of money collection and it can be achieve by construction of good relation with customer by putting clarity in all fields.
Mr. Dharampal Singh, Managing Director
Mr. Dharampal Singh, is a Managing Director of Indus Colonisers (P) ltd, is a Master Degree in Commerce and Bachelor of law from Bhopal University, Bhopal. He has more than 18 years of experience in the Real Estate sector and successfully handled many housing projects on M.P and Mumbai in India. He oversees the real estate operation and expansion into various locations/areas. We believe in growth of company and should be careful about welfare of organization and staff including each and every worker who are keeping their hands together with us to build/construct an environment friendly Building. He specialized in documentation and contracts apart from being involved in management of day -to-day activities of the company.
He has Overall responsibility for Group Finance sales, marketing & legal matters, planning & Co-ordination of statutory bodies.

Mr Dharampal Singh is a unique motivational leader with capabilities beyond compare. He has confidence on his subordinates & mentors. He has a great sense of knowledge to grasp new business opportunities for accelerated growth.
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